Sunday, 9 October 2011

Russell Institute For Sale

The Russell Institute has been put up for sale by Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board. Having transferred the various clinics  around Renfrewshire the Health Board have now taken the ultimate step to dispose of the unique building.

Opened in 1927 by HRH Princess Mary, the building, designed by James Steel Maitland was a gift to the town by Mrs Agnes Russell in memory  of her two brothers.  However, the Health Board have now decided that it is surplus to requirements and it is to be sold off to save money. Since its closure the Fire Brigade have been called out on several occasions to the building and the fear is that if it lies empty for much longer the building could be lost forever. In my opinion the building belongs to the town of Paisley so how it has ended up being the property of the Health Board is beyond me and I am sure that Mrs Russell would be livid that her kind donation  has been abused in such a manner.

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